Harbor Point Camp

When does Registration start?

Registration will open on April 16th.  There is no same day registration and must be completed online.  Your family must be registered one week before the Monday start date.  Registration does not guarantee admittance.

When does Camp run in 2024? 

Camp will run for 7 Weeks starting June 24th – August 9th from 9am-12pm, Monday – Friday.  There will be no Camp on Thursday, July 4th.

Do I have to be a Harbor Point Resident for my family to attend?

As long as you have a Harbor Point Resident to sponsor your child/grandchild they may attend.  Sponsorship will be verified, and Harbor Point Golf Club members are not valid sponsors.

How do I pay for Camp?

We accept Cash and Check only.  Payment is due on the first day of each participating week.  Please only give payments to Nick (Bookkeeper).

My child will only be attending 3 days out of the week.  Is there a daily rate?

Sorry, daily rates are unavailable.  You’ll be paying for the full week regardless of attendance.

What types of activities can I expect my child to participate in?

Your child will spend a majority of time outdoors enjoying nature and all that Michigan summers have to offer.  They’ll be participating in activities such as hiking, archery, tennis, group activities and so on.

Does my child need a bathing suit for Camp?

On hot days we try to enjoy the water when we can.  If you’re sending your child to camp with a backpack you can always have a bathing suit packed in there.

What age groups are kids placed in?

Age groups are 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 13

My child wants to be in a different age group with their friend/family member, is this possible?

Sorry, your child will be placed in the appropriate age group.

What’s the best way to get Camp updates?

When you register your child, please provide an email address that you check regularly.  Any changes in events or cancellations will be sent out by email.